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Why JSK Software
Microsoft .NET
Microsoft .NET is our home ground. It makes us feel proud that we have been using .NET since the year 2000, when Microsoft launched the .NET Framework 1.0 BETA.

There was no Visual Studio around to build and compile .NET applications from a GUI environment. Our senior developers recall the days when we have been writing C# and VB.NET code in Notepad and then compiling them using command line utilities csc.exe (for C#) and vbc.exe (for VB.NET).

.NET Technology has evolved since then, and so has our .NET Development Process. Now we are using all the latest tools available to build robust and scalable .NET applications. We have adopted and implemented the newer versions as and when they have been released. In fact, we start out R&D right from the release of the BETA versions.

Being Microsoft Partner also helps us in being up-to-date with .NET Technology, since we regularly receive in-time information, guidance, and software directly from Microsoft.

We have developed variety of .NET applications such as:
  • Windows Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Websites (ASP.NET)
  • Web Services
  • Windows Phone Applications
  • WPF Applications
  • WCF Services
  • Silverlight Applications

Many of our large n-Tier solutions consist of many .NET Applications. For example, a solution which consists of a Windows Application for in-house data management, a website for general public, and Windows Service and Web Service applications for data synchronization, all of them using the same database!

As with any other technology, .NET has its own development standards and process. We have been following, and sometimes setting our own standards to develop .NET applications.

We have developed several utilities and tools (CASE Tools) to help ourselves in developing .NET Applications quickly, and in more sophisticated manner. Few of such tools can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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