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@ DataAccessSql (OleDb and SqlClient)
A useful class which provies easier access to SQL Server databases.

Just provide the connection string, and then directly execute the Sql queries as well as stored procedures without worrying about the SqlConnection, SqlDataAdapter, and SqlCommand objects.
@ Entity Class Generator (C# version)
Generates entity classes for database tables which can be used in and as DAL (Data Access Layer).

Just provide the connection string, table name, and class name, and the code of your class will be generated automatically with all the properties corresponding to the fields in your table.
@ Paypal IPN Helper
A useful utility to generate Paypal IPN Html code.

This class can be used to generate Paypal IPN code with various optionns such as amount, currency, receiver's paypal email address, custom field etc. Just set certain properties and get the Html code which can be placed directly on the page. You can also set your own Pay Now button image.

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