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Why JSK Software
Development Standards
IT Industry, as with any other industry, has its own standards to guarantee and maintain high-level quality.

JSK Software has adopted and implemented industry-standards in developing software applications. Apart from maintaining quality, these standards also help us in being compatible with our associate IT Companies spread all across the world.

Our practice at JSK Software involves following and setting the following standards:

Architectural Standards
Software development process starts with analyzing requirements and developing the architecture of the project. This aspect of software development is mostly overlooked by many developers, but in fact, architectural standards can help reduce bugs and errors in future software development.

Our policy mandates documenting and analyzing each of the client requirements to avoid misinterpretations. We do not pick an easy solution for the project. We analyze each and every solution and evaluate them in context of scalability, maintainability, and extensibility, and most important, whether or not it fulfills the client's requirements.

Doing hard work at the beginning saves valuable hours during the software development process.

Development Standards
Development Standards, when implemented, result in better Team Management. Large projects are not developed by individual developers. A team, or sometimes multiple teams are involved in developing large software solutions.

Development Standards largely depend on underlying technology, the development framework, and development tools. Sometimes it's not possible to implement one platform's standards in another.

We have been keeping ourselves up-to-date by studying, understanding, and implementing such standards. Moreover, we also keep learning from our own experience as we develop new software.

We have implemented well-known industry standards such as Object Oriented approach, modularization, scalability, avoiding redundancy etc.

We constantly look for any opportunity to improve our development process. This helps us achieve more in less time, and at the same time, improving the quality of our software solutions.

Database Standards

Database design and implementation is very crucial especially with large projects. While a good database design can solve many problems, a bad design can destroy the project.

We consider certain database design standards such as Normalization vs. Denormalization, using Stored Procedures rather than direct SQL queries etc. when designing the databases. There is no standard rule applicable to each project, so we follow the software architecture to implement the best database design.

Coding Standards

A software is made of code, either written in complex programming language or in simple and plain Html. It's very important for any IT Company to implement coding standards for better consistency among programmers.

Our developers have to work with several languages, and sometimes write code in multiple languages for a single project. This makes the software difficult to maintain over time. Fortunately our coding standards are explicit and it prevents any such problems in long-term. Our programmers and developers are often switched from project-to-project, but the coding standards help them easily understand the code written by an another programmer.

We have also implemented certain naming conventions, most of them are based on industry-standards.
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